Level A

Weekly exercise L42_1


Ecrivez les chiffres correspondant aux groupes verbaux noyaux de proposition

Dans les phrases proposées, relevez le ou les groupes verbaux noyaux de proposition et faites le(s) suivre des chiffres correspondant aux éléments qui le(s) composent.

Hillary Clinton now has commanding and nearly insurmountable lead in delegates; Donald Trump won big in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois.

has 1 7

won 2 7

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton moved closer toward securing their parties’ presidential nominations Tuesday, easily winning a series of crucial votes that further clarified the direction of what has been an unlikely primary election campaign.

moved 2 7

clarified 2 7

has been 1 4 7

By winning the delegate-rich states of Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina, ex-Secretary of State Clinton was able to reverse the momentum of her opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who had come away with a surprise win in Michigan last week.

was 2 7

had come 2 4 7

If Trump had won both Florida and Ohio, his path to the nomination would have likely been unstoppable, according to many analysts, because those states award all their delegates to the winner

had won 2 4 7

would have been 2 3 4 7

award 1 7

If things play out as one might expect, it probably means Trump is not going to have a majority of delegates coming into that Cleveland convention in July.

play 1 7

might expect 2 3 7

means 1 7

is not going 1 5 7

And given that, it could be quite a fight in that convention,” Beck said in an interview with VOA.

could be 2 3 7

said 2 7

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