Level A

Weekly exercise L46_1


Ecrivez les chiffres correspondant aux groupes verbaux noyaux de proposition

Dans les phrases proposées, relevez le ou les groupes verbaux noyaux de proposition et faites le(s) suivre des chiffres correspondant aux éléments qui le(s) composent.

Egypt's antiquities minister said Thursday that radar scans of famed King Tut's burial chamber showed the likely existence of two hidden rooms that could contain organic material and metal.

said 2 7

showed 2 7

could contain 2 3 7

King Tut died in 1324 B.C. and archaeologists drew worldwide attention when they found his tomb had been filled with stunning artifacts in 1922.

died 2 7

drew 2 7

found 2 7

had been filled 2 4 6 7

As for Nefertiti, he believes the tomb could be holding a female from the family, but not her.

believes1 7

could be holding 2 3 5 7

Additional scanning of the tomb area is planned for the end of this month.

is planned 1 6 7


Clifton said the deadly Ebola in West Africa contributed to Liberia’s poor standing in the rankings because a lot of well-being within a country can be determined by recent events.

said 2 7

contributed 2 7

can be determined 1 3 6 7


When we asked something about whether or not they experienced a lot sadness or anger, physical pain, Liberia is among the top 10 in the world. So, a lot of it can be driven by things like Ebola they experience because our interviews were actually conducted May of last year,” Clifton said.

asked 2 7

experienced 2 7

is 1 7

can be driven 1 3 6 7

experience 1 7

were conducted 2 6 7

said 2 7

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