Level A

Weekly exercise L54_2


Après avoir consulté ce document, et/ou écouté cette leçon, écrivez les questions se rapportant aux mots entre parenthèses.

- They all read (psychology) at university.

What did they all read at university?


What do they all read at university?

- Psychology graduates develop (the transferable skills that all employers require).

What do psychology graduates develop?

- The brain must (recruit considerable processing resources).

What must the brain do?

- Studying the composition in advance would require familiarity with (musical notation).

What would studying the composition in advance require familiarity with?

- Everything should be taught (at school).

Where should everything be taught?

Le mot interrogatif "when" est aussi acceptable puisque "at school" peut faire référence à un moment.

- Cars are learning to keep (their owner's) secrets.

Whose secrets are cars learning to keep?

- People should like these cars (because they are economical).

Why should people like these cars?

- Most families have (two) cars.

How many cars do most families have?

- Mercedes-Benz used to be known for (its luxurious cars).

What did Mercedes-Benz use to be known for?

- This survey should have been carried out (more than a decade ago).

When should this survey have been carried out?

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