Level A


Weekly exercise L58_2

Après avoir consulté ce document, et/ou écouté cette leçon, mettez au passif les énoncés proposés.

- The journalist may have changed the article.

The article may have been changed by the journalist

- The author describes the pop-music fadeout.

The pop-music fadeout is described by the author.

- This generation is learning many interesting things.

Many interesting things are being learned/learnt by this generation.

- Many students downloaded the guide.

The guide was downloaded by many students.

- The audience could hear a single note.

A single note could be heard by the audience.

- Drivers will find many variants.

Many variants will be found by drivers.

- Passing neighbours could have appreciated their success.

Their success could have been appreciated by passing neighbours.

- The Swedes have injected a large shot of espresso.

A large shot of espresso has been injected by the Swedes.

- Car makers are dropping door policies.

Door policies are being dropped by car makers.

- Toyota launched a city-car.

A city-car was launched by Toyota.