Level A

Weekly exercise L60_2


L'exercice de la semaine :

Dans les extraits ci-dessous faites suivre tous les groupes verbaux, noyaux de proposition qui s'y trouvent de parenthèses dans lesquelles vous écrirez :

(le temps / éventuellement l'auxiliaire ou les auxiliaires / le verbe non marqué)

Exemple pour "...they might have gone..." la réponse est :

(Passé/Modal may/Have participe passé/go)

Exemple pour "...he goes..." la réponse est :


Adapted from VOA "Giant Sequoia Doing Well 4 Months After Idaho Uprooting" October 25, 2017 .


"She looks (Présent/look) pretty good," he said (Passé/say). "But it's (Présent /be) still too early to tell. You still need (Présent/need) about two or three growing seasons to really say that she's recovered (Présent/Have>>Participe passé/recover). We're (Présent/be) not in any danger zone.

Three of the four sensors Cox examined indicated (Passé/indicate) the root system was not getting (Passé/Be>>ing/get) enough moisture, so he ordered (Passé/order) a water truck. One was already scheduled (Passé/Be>>Participe passé/schedule) to visit once a week this winter, but hadn't started (Passé/Have>>Participe passé/start).

Cox also said (Passé/say) he's a bit concerned (Présent/Be>>Participe passé /concern) about some broken bark. That might have been caused (Passé/may+Have>>Participe passé+Be>>Participe passé/cause) by animals or vandals or somebody climbing. But the living part of the tree under the bark isn't being damaged (Présent/Be>>ing+Be>>Participe passé/damage).

The tree suffered (Passé/suffer) at its old location because it was shaded (Passé/Be>>Participe passé/shade) by a tall building. ... But those needles have fallen off (Présent/Have>>Participe passé/fall off) at the new location and have been replaced (Présent/Have>>Participe passé+Be>>Participe passé/replace) with green, healthy needles.

Moving the tallest tree ever attempted by the company required (Passé/require) cutting back the root system that's now being monitored (Présent/Be>>ing+Be>>Participe passé/monitor) for moisture content with underground sensors at the tree's new location on city property.

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