Level A


Weekly exercise L63_1

Après avoir consulté ce document, et/ou écouté cette leçon, mettez au passif les énoncés proposés.

- Marshal told the director.

The director was told by Marshal.

- Matt Damon will play a shy psychic.

A shy psychic will be played by Matt Damon.

- The actor is doing a difficult scene.

A difficult scene is being done by the actor.

- The director should film the ultimate scene.

The ultimate scene should be filmed by the director.

- Producers have shrouded the hotly anticipated musical.

The hotly anticipated musical has been shrouded by producers.

- Natalie Mendoza is playing the principal villain.

The principal villain is being played by Natalie Mendoza.

- The soaring action scenes make the show.

The show is made by the soaring action scenes.

- They must sell more tickets.

More tickets must be sold (by them).

- Two men may attack him.

He may be attacked by two men.

- They had picked grapes in autumn.

Grapes had been picked (by them) in autumn