Level A

Weekly exercise L73_1
















Ecrivez les chiffres correspondant aux groupes verbaux noyaux de proposition

Dans les phrases proposées, relevez le ou les groupes verbaux noyaux de proposition et faites le(s) suivre des chiffres correspondant aux éléments qui le(s) composent.

The French government has confirmed (1+4+7) that British citizens would need(2+3+7) visas to visit the country under a no-deal Brexit without emergency legislation or special agreements.

A draft law put before the country’s senate seeks(1+7) to give the country’s government sweeping powers of decree to address problems that would be caused(2+3+6+7) by a no-deal Brexit.

It states(1+7) that if no further action is taken(1+6+7) “British nationals who enjoy(1+7) the right of free movement and free establishment throughout the European Union” would face(2+3+7) a “requirement to present a visa to enter the French territory and to justify a residence permit to stay there”.

French government says(1+7) no-deal Brexit would be(2+3+7) better than Chequers

It also says(1+7) French law would mean(2+3+7) British nationals “may be required(1+3+6+7) to obtain a permit equivalent to a work permit in France”, could not have(2+3+7) their professional qualifications recognised, and might lose(2+3+7) access to social benefits.

There would also be(2+3+7) controls on goods and people, while licences for truckers would not automatically be(2+3+7) valid.

The new law, which is currently being considered(1+5+6+7) by the country’s upper house, would give(2+3+7) the French Government sweeping powers of decree for 12 months in order to address the problems that would be caused(2+3+6+7) by a no-deal.

Many of the issues that need(1+7) to be resolved are however not decided(1+6+7) at a national level within the competence of the French government, and are(1+7) instead EU-wide policies.

The issuing of visas is(1+7) one of these areas; Britain would have(2+3+7) to negotiate an emergency visa exemption with the EU Schengen countries were(2+7) a no-deal to occur.

The Independent has launched(1+4+7) its #FinalSay campaign to demand that voters are given(1+6+7) a voice on the final Brexit deal.