Level A

Weekly exercise L74_1


L'exercice de la semaine :

Dans les extraits ci-dessous faites suivre tous les groupes verbaux, noyaux de proposition qui s'y trouvent de parenthèses dans lesquelles vous écrirez :

(le temps / éventuellement l'auxiliaire ou les auxiliaires / le verbe non marqué)

Exemple pour "...they might have gone..." la réponse est :

(Passé/Modal may/Have participe passé/go)

Exemple pour "...he goes..." la réponse est :


Adapted from VOA "Most British Firms Will Trigger Brexit Plans ‘by Christmas’"

October 21, 2018


The vast majority of British firms are poised (présent/be>>Participe passé/poise) to implement their Brexit contingency plans by Christmas if there isn’t (présent/be) greater clarity over the country’s exit from the European Union, a leading business lobby group warned (passé/warn) Sunday.

The Confederation of British Industry said (passé/say) these could include (passé/modal can/include) cutting jobs, adjusting supply chains outside the U.K., stockpiling goods, and relocating production and services overseas.

Fear of no deal

The warning comes (présent/come) amid growing fears that Britain may crash (présent/modal may/crash) out of the EU in March without a deal on the future relationship. That could see (passé/modal can/see) tariffs placed on British exports, border checks reinstalled, and restrictions imposed travelers and workers — a potentially toxic combination for businesses.

The situation is (présent/be) now urgent,” said (passé/say) Carolyn Fairbairn, the CBI’s director general. “The speed of negotiations is being outpaced (présent/be>>ing/be>>Participe passé/outpace) by the reality firms are facing (présent/be>>ing/face) on the ground.”

Discussions between the two sides have hit (présent/have >>participe passé/hit) an impasse largely over how to maintain an open border between EU member Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is (présent/be) part of the United Kingdom.

Christmas deadline

A summit of EU leaders last week failed (passé/fail) to yield a breakthrough and another gathering in November was canceled (passé/be>>participe passé/cancel). December is (présent/be) now the next scheduled summit, leaving the Brexit process tight ahead of Britain’s official departure date. Even if a deal is forged (présent/be>>participe passé/forge), there are (présent/be) doubts over British Prime Minister Theresa May’s ability to secure the necessary majority in Parliament given bitter divisions on the topic.

Unless a Withdrawal Agreement is locked down (présent/be>>participe passé/lock down) by December, firms will press (présent/modal will/press) the button on their contingency plans,” Fairbairn said (passé/say). “Jobs will be lost (présent/modal will/be>>participe passé/lose) and supply chains moved (présent/modal will/be>>participe passé/move) (will be est sous-entendu).”

Fairbairn’s warning was based (passé/be>>participe passé/base) on a survey of 236 member firms tilted toward small- and medium-sized companies with up to 500 employees, undertaken from Sept. 19 to Oct. 8. The survey found (passé/find) that 82 percent of firms will have started (présent/modal will/have>>participe passé/start) to implement contingency plans by December if the Brexit process isn’t (présent/be) any clearer.

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