Level B/Niveau B

Weekly exercise L56_1


Adapted from "voanews.com"

Dans le texte ci-dessous, soulignez les groupes nominaux de construction adjectivale.

A suspect arrested in connection with last week's deadly van attack in Barcelona told Spain's high court Tuesday that the group had been planning a much larger attack using explosives, judicial sources said.

Mohamed Houli Chemlal, who was arrested after being hurt in a blast southwest of Barcelona a day before the van attack, was the first of four suspects to testify Tuesday, a day after police shot dead the man they say was the van's driver.

Authorities say a 12-man terror cell was behind the attack, and that eight of the suspects have either been killed by police or died in an accidental explosion at their bomb-making facility on the day before the attack.

The massive manhunt for the last outstanding suspect, Younes Abouyaaqoub, ended Monday in a rural area known for its vineyards about 45 kilometers west of Barcelona. Authorities say they shot the fugitive after he held up what appeared to be a bomb belt, which they later discovered was fake.

"We confirm that the man shot dead in #subirats is Younes Abouyaaqoub, author of the terrorist attack in #barcelona," police tweeted on Monday.

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