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Weekly exercise L62_1


Adapted from "voanews.com"

Dans le texte ci-dessous, soulignez les groupes nominaux de construction adjectivale.

A new political battle over marijuana is exploding less than a month before California’s recreational cannabis market opens, as two legislators want state regulators to change a policy they worry “rolls out the red carpet for large corporations to crush the livelihood of small family farmers.

Those legislators are irate that the thousands of small cannabis farmers they represent in the nation’s marijuana-growing heartland were told one thing during the Proposition 64 legalization campaign but something else when regulations were announced last month.

Pro-legalization forces repeated a consistent refrain during their two-year campaign: We’re going to protect small cannabis farmers, many of whom have grown the crop for generations on plots of land smaller than a suburban backyard. Prop. 64 organizers were trying to address the fears of residents of the Emerald Triangle where cannabis farms are abundant — as those counties didn’t support a failed legalization effort in 2010.

This time, California voters approved legalization. But when it came time for state regulators to write the rules about cultivation, some farmers felt betrayed.

The new rules allow a single entity to own an unlimited number of 1-acre plots. Small farmers fear that will enable corporate owners to buy up many small farms. If that happens, large growers could harvest so much marijuana at a lower cost that it would drive down prices and put small farmers out of business.

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