Level VD

Weekly exercise L55


Écrivez la question portant sur ce qui est entre parenthèses

1- He drank (twenty beers).

What did he drink?

2- He drank (twenty) beers.

How many beers did he drink?

3- He (drank twenty beers).

What did he do?

4- Many of the species are used by (Amazonian residents).

Who are many of the species are used by?

5- Many others are crucial to (Amazonian economies).

What are many others crucial to?

6- (Amazonian residents) depend upon several hundred species.

Who depend upon several hundred species?

7- Trees are important for (erosion control and climate moderation).

What are trees are important for?

8- Scientists raised the alarm (in the 1960's).

When did scientists raise the alarm?

9- Scientists (raised the alarm) in the 1960's.

What did scientists do in the 1960's?

10- (Scientists) raised the alarm in the 1960's.

Who raised the alarm in the 1960's?

Pour bien comprendre consultez ce document et/ou écoutez cette leçon.