Oral presenTAtion

some adVICE for STUdents


I - obJECtives

to DEmonstrate...

to prePARE...

II - organiSAtion

A - IntroDUCtion

B - the presenTAtion itSELF

C - conCLUsion

III misceLLAneous



I - obJECtives

to DEmonstrate...

your SKILLS in reLAtion to the ENglish LANguage


SO DO NOT TAKE RISKS with the ENglish LANguage.


reSORT to the rePHRAsing techNIQUE

SIMplify and USE BAsic ENglish


to prePARE...

for FUture presenTAtions.


SO HELP the AUdience underSTAND your MEssage

SKILLful USE of transPArencies / SLIDES (POwerpoint presenTAtions)

aVOID RUshing and STRESS the imPORtant WORDS


II - organiSAtion

A - Introduction

the FIRST imPREssion you GIVE is VEry imPORtant


"good MORning/AfterNOON LAdies and GENtlemen."

GEneral CONtext

ONE or TWO SENtences aBOUT a LARger TOpic which could be conSIdered as the BACKground of your presenTAtion


"in conNECtion to THIS, / conSIdering NOW THIS presenTAtion, I PLAN to TACKLE the PROblem of / to RAISE the Issue of/ to SAY a FEW WORDS aBOUT/I'm GOing to TALK aBOUT/ the SUBject of my TALK IS/ the THEME of my presenTAtion IS.../ I'd LIKE to GIVE you an Overview of..."



SEE aBOVE for USEful voCAbulary


presenTAtion STRUCture

"I've diVIded my presenTAtion into X PARTS / my presenTAtion will be in X PARTS "

"FIRST...SECOND...THIRD...in the FIRST PART...THEN in the SEcond PART... / I'll START with...THEN I'll GO ON with - TURN to.../ I'll ALso TAckle the Issue of / LASTly...FInally..."


B - the presenTAtion itSELF

"NOW, LET'S MOVE to the FIRST PART of my presenTAtion"



"LET'S MOVE to the FOllowing/SEcond.../FInal PART"

C - conCLUsion


COME BACK on the GEneral CONtext

Open the disCUssion

you can COME BACK on some iDEAS/POINTS of the DOcument you've JUST preSENted and GIVE YOUR POINT of VIEW or ASK QUEStions


"THIS conCLUdes my presenTAtion. THANK you for your aTTENtion. if there are any QUEStions, I'd be PLEASED to ANswer them.


To CLOSE: "if there are NO MORE QUEStions, I'll end my presenTAtion. THANK you."

III misceLLAneous

when REAding ENglish SPOT USEful WORDS and PHRAses


iDENtify idioMAtic WORDS and PHRAses you underSTAND but NEver USE (eXAMple: oCCAsionally inSTEAD of SOMEtimes)


SPOT INteresting SENtence STRUCtures to Imitate


inSERT HUmour whenEver POssible


reMEMber to MAKE EYE CONtact.