Level A

Weekly exercise L63_2


Après avoir consulté ce document, et/ou écouté cette leçon, écrivez les questions se rapportant aux mots entre parenthèses.

- They considered (two possible solutions.)

What did they consider?

- He teaches psychology in (three) different universities.

How many different universities does he teach in?


In how many different universities does he teach?

- The doctor was trying to (help the patient.)

What was the doctor trying to do?

- Most of us can describe (our friend's) personality.

Whose personality can most of us describe?

- You need to understand (the difference between a trait and a state.)

What do I/you need to understand?

- Psychologists must (go beyond what is obvious.)

What must psychologists do?

- We could begin to (speculate what will happen in the future.)

What could we/you begin to do?

- Some women choose abusive partners (because their father was abusive.)

Why do some women choose abusive partners?

- The search engine returns (only results matching all of your search terms.)

What does the search engine return?

- Women on antidepressants should go (to a perinatal specialist.)

Where should women on antidepressants go?

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